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The 3.6L Carrera Non-S produces very similar power gains as the 3.8L equipped Carrera S. Maximum horsepower increases of 24 to 26 take place in the midrange and gains of 10 to 12 up top.


The "Y" design of the 3.6L IPD Plenum also allows for a more linear power delivery and improved throttle response that enhances your 997 Carrera driving experience even higher.


Power improvements will be fully realized once the factory DME makes all the necessary “adaptation” requirements which occurs after a series of hard pulls on the dyno or full throttle runs (at your local race track of course).


The 997 IPD Plenum is a direct bolt on replacement and installation is relatively straight forward for mechanically inclined DIY customers although IPD strongly recommends all Plenum installations be performed by a trained and qualified Porsche technician.

IPD 997.1 Carrera Non-S 3.6L 74mm Plenum ('05-'08)

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