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Rasant Products Intake System (IS-6) – A complete plug-and-play system for the air cooled Porsche 911, which complements the Rasant Engine Management System, delivers enhanced engine performance and improved drivability. Available in 2 or 3 bolt cylinder head configurations. Featuring idle air control and resonant plenum options. This is a complete ITB (individual throttle bodies) kit for your Porsche 911. What’s included: Either 42 or 48mm inner throttle diameter GT3 or 964 plenums (raw finish - alternatives available) Intake boots Valve housing T-shape for air filter Hose clamps Air filter 6 individual throttle bodies (raw finish - alternatives available) Throttle position sensor Fuel rails Air injection rails Idle air control valve Vacuum Reservoir Valve solenoid Air check valve Linkage system Intake gaskets Intake plastic spacers

Rasant Products Intake System (IS-6) - Individual Throttle Bodies

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