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Rasant Products is what happens when Porsche passion meets the pursuit of the perfect driving experience. We're committed to offering our fellow enthusiasts the highest quality performance parts tailored to meet the needs of each unique car. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in enhancing the joys of owning, driving, and customizing your vehicles and we look forward to being a part of your next Porsche project!

The early days of Rasant were born from of a love of mechanical engineering, pure and simple. When that expertise married an ardent Porsche-phile, the magic happened and Rasant was created. The technical applications we created for air-cooled 911’s was meant to consistently improve the driving experience through better handling, greater reliability, and of course, more speed. From it’s inception, Rasant has always designed and manufactured components that have been installed and tested in-house to ensure proper fitment and performance.  As we continue to evolve our development and product offerings, our mission will always be to enhance your driving experience.

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