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The transaxle layout involves placing the transmission at the rear of the car, integrated with the rear axle.This design is often associated with rear-wheel-drive or mid-engine configurations.

Transaxle Porsches typically have the engine located at or near the center of the vehicle, between the rear wheels, and the transmission at the rear. These cars are appreciated for their balanced handling and distinctive design, and they played a significant role in Porsche's history.

Supported Models:

924, 928, 944, 951, 968



Supported Models: 924, 928, 944, 951, 968

Embark on a new era of performance innovation as Rasant Products proudly introduces the Rotrex Supercharger kits tailored for transaxle cars. This cutting-edge engineering seamlessly integrates the renowned Rotrex supercharging technology with the legendary handling of transaxle Porsches, promising an unparalleled driving experience. The Rotrex supercharger kits are...


Supported Models: 924, 928, 944, 951, 968


Ever consider really turning up the power on your Transaxle Porsche? We have the solution for you, in a 2.5Liter inline 5-cylinder engine made by VW termed the "07K" engine. The 07K engine is chosen for its power potential and relatively compact size. When undertaking an engine swap like the 07K into a Transaxle car, it's essential to plan thoroughly, use quality components...


Supported Models: 928, 944


Efficient cooling is vital for a performance engine to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating for peak performance. That's why Rasant Products provides CSF intercoolers and radiators tailored for the liquid-cooled Porsche lineup, ensuring reliable cooling solutions for the ultimate engine performance...

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