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Motul, a globally recognized leader in automotive lubricants since its establishment in 1853 in New York, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality fluids and lubricants.  With a strong focus on performance and reliability, Motul invests heavily in research and development to exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal engine protection, improved performance, and extended equipment life.

Additionally, Motul is renowned for its environmentally conscious approach, incorporating advanced additives and base oils to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact, making it a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

Image by Igor Costa


ESTER Core® Technology

This proprietary technology utilizes ester-based synthetic oils, offering exceptional lubrication properties, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation. It provides superior engine protection, reduces friction, and extends oil change intervals.


This innovative blend of synthetic and mineral base oils, along with advanced additives, delivers high-performance lubrication while maintaining compatibility with a wide range of engine materials and seals. It provides excellent wear protection and prolongs engine life.

Hybrid Ester Technology

Motul's Hybrid Ester Technology combines ester-based synthetic oils with carefully selected synthetic base stocks, offering a balance between performance and affordability. It provides improved engine efficiency, reduced friction, and increased durability.

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