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Air-cooled Porsches refer to a specific era of Porsche cars that were equipped with air-cooled engines, as opposed to liquid-cooled engines.


Revered for their distinctive sound, simplicity in design, and the character they bring to the driving experience, the air-cooled era of Porsches is primarily associated with the classic models produced from the late 1940s to the mid-1990s.

Supported Models:

911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993

Image by serjan midili


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993


The name Rasant is synonymous with high-quality performance. Being known for our ITBs, we ensure that every item and component that leaves our facilities are individually checked for QC purposes. Our ITBs are offered in two different sizes to acommodate for engine displacement sizes: 42mm and 48mm. Additionally, the ITB's are offered...


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993


Emtron Engine Management seamlessly integrates with Rasant ITB's, creating a symphony of power and precision. Emtron's cutting-edge engine management systems, known for their unparalleled tuning capabilities, join forces with Rasant's ITB's to deliver a driving experience beyond compare. Together, Emtron and Rasnat...


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993


A custom engine harness offers various advantages, tailoring its electrical system to specific performance modifications. This can enhance horsepower, torque, and overall engine efficiency. It ensures seamless integration with aftermarket components like new sensors, engine management systems, and ITB's. Custom harnesses reduce weight and...


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993


With over 25 years of dedicated experience working on the Porsche platform, our team excels in crafting bespoke engines tailored specifically for air-cooled Porsches. We combine a deep understanding of these iconic vehicles with cutting-edge engineering techniques to create custom powerplants that enhance both performance and reliability...


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993

Image by George Bale

Elevating the allure of air-cooled Porsches, the integration of modern technology into exterior components is a specialty that seamlessly marries innovation with nostalgic aesthetics. Whether it's retrofitting iconic models with energy-efficient LED lighting or incorporating advanced aerodynamics that complement the retro curves of your 911. Shop now for Rasant Products.


Supported Models: 911, 911sc, 930, 964, 993

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Revitalizing the interior of air-cooled Porsches involves a delicate dance between modern technology and the cherished timeless aesthetics that define these iconic vehicles. Integrating advanced features and lightweight components into the interiors, preserving the vintage allure while enhancing the driving experience, whatever you're looking for, Rasant has you covered.

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