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The water-cooled era of Porsche marks a transformative shift from traditional air-cooled engines to cutting-edge water-cooled technology.


This evolution symbolizes Porsche's commitment to advancing power and efficiency while seamlessly blending timeless design with state-of-the-art technology. In this era, enthusiasts witness the brand's dedication to automotive excellence.

Supported Models:

986, 987, 981, 996, 997, 991, 955, 957

Image by Ben Weber
Image by Greg Banek


Supported Models: 986, 987, 996, 997, 955, 957


Introducing the Rasant Power Package for liquid-cooled cars—an exhilarating fusion of precision engineering and performance enhancement designed to elevate your driving experience to new heights. This comprehensive package, currently meticulously curated for the Porsche platform, combines state-of-the-art components to unleash the latent power...


Supported Models: 986, 987, 996, 997, 955, 957


Rasant Products has joined forces with EVOMS to bring you an exceptional performance upgrade – the EVOMS Air Intake. This collaboration ensures a meticulously engineered accessory that enhances air intake efficiency in vehicles, ultimately boosting airflow for increased horsepower and torque. Elevate your driving experience with this powerful...


Supported Models: 986, 987, 981, 718, 996, 997, 991, 992, 958


Efficient cooling is vital for a performance engine to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating for peak performance. That's why Rasant Products provides CSF intercoolers and radiators tailored for the liquid-cooled Porsche lineup, ensuring reliable cooling solutions for the ultimate engine performance...


Supported Models: 986, 987, 981, 718, 996, 997, 991, 992, 955, 957, 958


Collaborating between Rasant Products and EVOMS, we are excited to offer ECM tunes specifically designed for water-cooled Porsches, optimizing engine performance by fine-tuning the electronic control module. Elevate your driving experience with these tailored tunes that enhance power, efficiency, and overall responsiveness in water-cooled...


Supported Models: 986, 987, 981, 718, 996, 997, 991, 992, 955, 957, 958


Performance exhaust systems play a crucial role in enhancing a vehicle's overall performance. These systems improve exhaust gas flow, reducing backpressure and allowing the engine to expel gases more efficiently. This results in increased horsepower and torque, improved fuel efficiency, and a more exhilarating driving experience with a distinctive...


Supported Models: 986, 987, 981, 718, 996, 997, 991, 992


Performance plenums are crucial as they enhance the airflow to the engine, optimizing combustion efficiency. By improving air distribution, these plenums contribute to increased horsepower and torque, enhancing overall engine performance and responsiveness. This upgrade is particularly significant for...

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