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Emtron is the winning choice when it comes to high end motorsport engine management systems. Australian owned and manufactured, Emtron ECM's are produced using only automotive grade components.

Emtron Engine Management seamlessly integrates with Rasant ITB's, combining cutting-edge tuning capabilities with optimal air intake for a driving experience beyond compare. This collaboration ensures perfection in fuel and ignition control, as well as unique airflow management for individual cylinders, unlocking the full potential of high-performance engines. Additionally, the Emtron ECM offers complete customization and real-time data monitoring for all your engine parameters. The real-time data monitoring, enables you to track and analyze various engine parameters to ensure optimal performance and reliability at any point.


The system's real-time adaptability ensures optimal performance under varying driving conditions. The synergy between ITB's and Emtron engine management aims to deliver increased horsepower, torque, and improved throttle response.

Image by paul jespers
Image by Stuart Garage

As we are an authorized distributor of Emtron for the Pacific NW, we work directly with them to find the right application and ECM for you needs. This means that we have the ability to order any P/N from their catalog so we cover a vast number of applications for this product line.​

In our pursuit of delivering the highest quality products and services, we provide a white-glove concierge build service. What does this mean? We engage in detailed discussions with you regarding all the options, components, and goals you have, ensuring that we tailor the perfect kit specifically for you.

So are you ready to order your kit? Click the button below!

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