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Rasant Products offers the advanced design of the 996 intake manifold that can be used and retrofitted on to your air-cooled Porsche platform. This is the Rasant Motorsports Intake Manifold, two (2) are necessary per car. Here’s why enthusiasts choose Rasant Products' intake manifold:


  • Enhanced Airflow and Performance: Rasant Products’ intake manifold is engineered to provide superior airflow compared to stock air-cooled manifolds, resulting in increased horsepower and torque.


  • Modern Design and Durability: Utilizing cutting-edge engineering and high-quality materials, Rasant Products ensures their intake manifold delivers both improved efficiency and long-lasting durability.


  • Made in the USA: By manufacturing these locally in the USA, we are able to hold higher QC standards to ensure that the Rasant Products Intake Manifold meets and exceeds the Porsche OEM part.


  • Ease of Availability: Sourcing parts for older air-cooled Porsches can be challenging. Rasant Products provides a readily available solution with their intake manifold.


  • Aftermarket Support and Customization: Rasant Products offers comprehensive support for our intake manifold, including custom adapters and tuning solutions, making the installation process seamless and effective.


  • Unique Aesthetic for Custom Builds: Rasant’s intake manifold not only boosts performance but also adds a modern aesthetic to the engine bay, making it a popular choice for custom builds and restomods. Available in three color options: Clear, Titanium, and Black.


By choosing Rasant Products' intake manifold, you ensure that your air-cooled Porsche benefits from modern technology and enhanced performance, while maintaining the classic character that makes these engines so beloved.


Ask about becoming a Rasant Products certified installer / dealer.





Intake Manifold for 996.2 GT3 2004-05 (Engine Code M96.79) replacement for Porsche OEM Reference Part Number: 996 110 619 96 (996.110.619.96)

ALL MOTORSPORT AND RACING PARTS ARE SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS. Special order items must be paid for in advance. Special order items are sold on a non-cancelable, non-exchangeable, non-returnable, non-refundable basis and do not carry any warranty. No Exceptions.

Rasant 996 GT3 Intake Manifold (Pair) (M96.79)

Expected to ship by September
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