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The new oil cooler for the Porsche 914-6 is based on the incredibly popular and successful CSF 911/930 Turbo Engine Oil Cooler. Both of these oil coolers went through 2+ years of development and multiple rounds of prototypes. The CSF Porsche 914-6 Engine Oil Cooler’s world debut at Rennsport Reunion 2023 was met with incredible support and enthusiasm from the community. Obviously air-cooled enthusiasts know the struggles associated with the oil cooler located on the engine block of the old flat six motor. With the 914-6 swaps/conversions becoming ever more popular, this new Oil Cooler will be a game changer for classic Porsche owners and restoration shops.


Designed and built off the OEM Behr cooler, the CSF system improves the original design for peak performance and cooling on your air-cooled Porsche.



  • 17.5mm ID vs. 14.5mm
  • Stainless Steel vs. Mild Steel
  • Deep Plunge vs Shallow Plunge for volume


  • CNC machined bottom plate with helix design for strength and pockted for lightweight
  • OEM style tube/fin core with lower pressure drop and higher heat dissipation than the original
  • All OEM Behr features replicated on the billet mounting plate and cooler base
  • Comes standard with modern cerakote titanium finish for additional heat dissipation
  • Optimized ID and flow characteristics of oil pipe for maximum oil flow through the vehicle's oil system
  • 50% greater flow capacity
  • Complete drop-in fit, absolutely no modifications needed for install
  • 10 year warranty



1970-1972 Porsche 914-6


Replaces OEM P/N:


CSF 914-6 Engine Oil Cooler

SKU: CSF-8260
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