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The Retro New design of automotive lighting has been a point of modification for enthusiasts for many years. We have redesigned and produced the iconic Lichtbaden Tail Lights meant for 1969 - 1989 air-cooled classics.

These ABS and polycarbonate taillights effortlessly wire into the air-cooled wiring harness via plug-and-play spade terminals, additionally we have designed the housings to seamlessly secure to your chassis just like the original housings. The modern internals allows for maintenance, reliability, and increased visibility on the road - 1156/1157 bulbs and bulb holders, LED rings, and new wiring covered in braided plastic sleeving for protection. 

Most importantly, we worked hundreds of hours to design and produce these updated taillights to flawlessly complement the body lines of your air-cooled classic.


$1,645.00 Regular Price
$1,495.00Sale Price
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