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Rasant Products is proud to present the first plug-and-play Engine Management EFI Kit available for purchase for the air cooled Porsche 911. It includes both EFI and coil-on-plug ignition. Featuring a state of the art AEM Infinity ECU, capable of controlling your engine with any modifications or bolt on's you can dream of. Not to mention a substantial increase in driveability, reliability, and performance! The Rasant Products Engine Management Kit is truly complete. No need to construct your own wiring harness, purchase additional engine components, or settle for fuel injection alone. Without ignition control you're missing out on precious horsepower! What's included: -AEM 506 ECU-Bosch Coil-on-plug Ignition Coils-Bosch High Impedance Fuel Injectors-Bosch Spark Plugs-Complete Fuel Line and Hose End Kit-Fuel Pressure Regulator-Complete Engine Wiring Harness-Bussmann Fuse/Relay Center-ECU/Fuse Center Bracket-Cam/Crank Sensors and Bracketry-GM 1 Bar Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor-GM Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor-100 PSI Stainless Steel Fuel Pressure Sensor-AEM Wideband O2 Sensor Kit (includes O2 sensor bung)-Miscellaneous Hardware  *Does not include intake system We're committed to providing support during installation and the tuning process. The following instruction manual is intended to assist in the process. Should you have any questions about your kit we're happy to help! Install Manual Option notes:-Early engines that don't have a 60-2 flywheel (pre-964) use the Rasant Products Exclusive Cam/Crank Pickup - includes sensor housing and crank pulley-Later engines with a 60-2 flywheel use a rear mounted cam and crank sensor Photos of the Weapon X coil option and Mil-spec wiring included in the product photo gallery.

Standard Engine Management System

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