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Embark on a new era of performance innovation as Rasant Products proudly introduces Rotrex Supercharger kits tailored for transaxle cars.


This cutting-edge engineering seamlessly integrates the renowned Rotrex supercharging technology with the legendary handling of transaxle Porsches, promising an unparalleled driving experience. The Rotrex supercharger kits are meticulously engineered to deliver a surge of additional horsepower and torque across the RPM range in a near perfect linear powerband, transforming your transaxle car into a dynamic force on both the road and the track.

The Rotrex supercharger, renowned for its compact design and efficient power delivery, is poised to revolutionize the performance potential of transaxle Porsches.

Rasant Products, with its commitment to quality and innovation, invites enthusiasts to explore the combination of Rotrex Supercharger kits and transaxle engineering—an exhilarating fusion that promises to redefine the limits of driving pleasure. Prepare to unleash the untapped potential of your iconic transaxle Porsche with the superior performance enhancements offered by Rasant Products' Rotrex Supercharger kits.

  • All 4-Cam, 32-Valve 928 S / S4

  • 928 GT

  • 928 GTS V8 models

In our pursuit of delivering the highest quality products and services, we provide a white-glove concierge build service. What does this mean? We engage in detailed discussions with you regarding all the options, components, and goals you have, ensuring that we tailor the perfect kit specifically for you.

So are you ready to order your kit? Click the button below!


Capable of compressor speeds reaching up to 240,000 rpm, the Rotrex unit delivers superior acceleration and power by providing the highest boost at low and mid-range engine speeds.



The Rotrex secret lies in its patented planetary traction drive. Smooth planet rollers, free from delicate teeth, ensure quiet mechanical operation, reduced vibrations, and reliable performance in all types of operations.


The small size and shape of Rotrex superchargers provide unique packaging advantages and installation flexibility. This is crucial in the compact engine compartments of modern vehicles.


  • Designed as belt-driven turbochargers, they are more efficient than conventional exhaust-driven turbochargers

  • Unlike exhaust-driven turbochargers, there are no restrictions in the exhaust path, resulting in cooler temperatures

  • Less heat means less fuel for tuning, meaning more fuel efficiency

  • Reduced heat also reduces the likelihood of pre-detonation, allowing for more ignition timing during tuning and, consequently, more power

  • Lubricated and cooled with an independent system, eliminating the need to tap into the original engine oil or coolant lines

  • Patented internal, planetary gear traction-drive system that is much smaller and more compact than any other supercharger available on the market

  • Easier and quicker to install than a traditional turbocharger, helping you save significant budget on labor costs

  • Keep your current full exhaust system, as installation doesn't require the fabrication of a complex exhaust turbo manifold

  • Available in gear-up ratios ranging from 1:7 to 1:13, it spins the turbines at speeds ranging from 90,000 rpm to as much as 240,000 rpm

  • All 2-Cam, 16-Valve 928, 928 S and 928 Euro V8 models

  • All 8-Valve 924, 944 and 951 models

  • All 16-Valve 944 and 968 models

  • All 20-Valve 5-cylinder "07K" 924, 944 and 968 builds

If you don’t see your vehicle model listed, don’t worry, we’re currently developing additional kits for many applications.

On the Porsche 951 and 968 turbo cars, replacing the turbo setup with a Rotrex supercharger kit, eliminates the awkward, long, under-engine, cross-over boost pipe of traditional turbo installations!

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