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The Porsche Panamera, named after the famed Carrera Panamericana race, marks Porsche's re-entry into the "four door saloon" front engine car market. The Panamera Turbo and Cayenne Turbo share many common components, especially related to the engine and including the air intake distributor that directs air into the intake manifold.


The IPD Panamera Turbo Plenum are products of efficiency and feature a revised diversion area and larger openings that further optimizes intake air speed and volume. We have accentuated the merge collector inside the Plenum so the 2 air flows from the intercoolers converge in a more parallel manner substantially reducing turbulence and minimizing turbo lag. This more efficient design provides the same great power increases as it does on the Cayenne Turbo, an additional 30+ wheel horsepower and 32+ foot pounds of wheel torque. The Cayenne Turbo Plenum performance gains are realized throughout both power curves and not only provide additional power that can be felt in the "seat of your pants" but deliver this power sooner with improve boost response.


The factory plastic intakes are also prone to cracking, especially with Panamera Turbos producing higher boost levels. The IPD Plenum will never crack and will handle any boost level.


The IPD Plenum utilizes all the factory hardware including the OE 76mm throttle body. The only thing more impressive than the substantial power gains provided by the IPD Panamera Turbo plenum is how easy they install


PLEASE NOTE: The IPD Panamera Turbo plenum will NOT fit vehicles equipped with the factory Sound Imposer Package. This is easily identified by raising your hood and inspecting the front center of the engine compartment.


  • Compatible (Non-Sound Imposers) Factory Intake. Look for black plastic ribbed construction – Upgradeable with IPD Plenum
  • Incompatible (Sound Imposer Equipped) Factory Intake. Look for aluminum construction – Does NOT work with IPD Plenum 

IPD 970 Panamera Turbo 4.8L Plenum ('09-'16)

SKU: 70276
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