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Porsche's introduction of their DFI (Direct Fuel Injection) intake was a totally and completely redesigned intake system developed to deliver improved performance, fuel consumption and emissions by optimizing the air fuel mixture directly inside the combustion chamber.


The DFI Porsche engine package is a finely tuned performance machine and additional power has proved difficult to find. The unique design of Porsche's DFI intake system posed very challenging tuning hurdles but once again IPD developed a design that out performs the factory intake system without compromising reliability and drive-ability.


This innovative and revolutionary IPD DFI Intake Plenum employs the patented "Y" design as well as an enlarged plenum area that allows for improved intake air speed and air velocity resulting in performance increases without any power loses.


IPD 987.2 Cayman Non-S/S 2.9L/3.4L 82mm Competition Plenum ('09-'12)

SKU: 87482
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