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The extraordinary GT2 Porsche Turbo (nicknamed the Widow Maker) delivers physics defying speeds that raise the Porsche performance bar into a realm previously reserved for dedicated race cars. This most recent GT2 offering from Stuttgart eclipses all prior performance numbers from any Porsche before it, including the Carrera GT.


The GT2 formula is based on the 911 Turbo platform but transcends the Turbo driving experience to something more closely related to luge racing. The GT2 receives a more powerful engine, bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and aero treatments that truly transform the Turbo into a lighter weight E-ticket ride with rear-wheel drive replacing the sure footed standard Turbo all-wheel drive.


The IPD 997.1 GT2 Plenum is offered in one single 74mm version which utilizes the factory 74mm throttle body. The already explosive power of the 997.1 GT2 can be further increased with the 997.1 GT2 IPD Intake Plenum. The patented IPD Plenum design works exceptionally well with all forced induction applications and the GT2 is no exception. Power and torque increases provided by the IPD plenum are impressive and stay well above all factory power curves from launch to redline. Max horsepower is over 30 at the wheels while the torque is slightly stronger coming in around 35 at the wheels. Maximum power increases take place in the midrange where it's most needed, most critical and most enjoyed.


The 997.1 GT2 Plenum delivers smooth and linear power with considerably quicker boost response creating a longer and more desirable power band. The GT2 Plenums deliver reliable performance for both street and motorsport applications enhancing the already visceral Porsche Turbo driving experience.


The 997.1 GT2 requires an "adaptation" period that can be fully realized with either a series of hard pulls on the dyno or a series of spirited driving sessions, which of course IPD recommends only be performed on a closed course circuit. Installation of all Turbo Plenums is highly recommended to be performed by qualified and trained Porsche technicians.


The revolutionary 997 Turbo IPD Y-Pipe was built for the more demanding Turbo performance customer. This is not a cast reproduction of the factory Y-Pipe but a complete re-design from scratch, developed to deliver even greater air flow for both stock AND highly modified Turbos.

The factory Y-Pipe becomes restrictive when adding substantial power gains. The IPD Y-Pipe has larger inlets and an optimized diversion area allowing for even greater power gains. This superior and more efficient design flows 126 more cfm than the factory Y-Pipe delivering the additional power needed to raise the performance bar on any Turbo.


Bigger isn’t always better, and the IPD Y-Pipe is designed to deliver optimum flow without being too large causing a loss in boost response.  These Y-Pipes can also be special ordered in custom powder coated colors and ceramic coatings or polished to improve the aesthetic appeal of your Turbo engine.


The IPD 997 Turbo Y-Pipe is designed to be a direct replacement of the factory OEM Y-Pipe. There are no modifications or fabrication required for installing the IPD Y-Pipe. This is an easy and straight forward R & R (remove and reinstall) bolt on upgrade.


IPD 997.1 Turbo / GT2 High Flow Y-Pipe

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